Skyforge Gift Pack Giveaway

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We've teamed up with the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment to give away an exclusive gift pack for Skyforge. Grab yours while they last – here's how!

Armored Warfare - Early Access Preview


I'll be honest: Vehicular warfare games have never really been my cup of tea. So it follows that I wasn't expecting to have that great of a time with it. Boy, was I wrong.

Armored Warfare feels like the combat systems from War Thunder and World of Tanks had a baby. I say that in the best possible way. World of Tanks is home to a slower playstyle due to how the reticle aim works, while on the other hand War Thunder has much faster pacing and target acquisition is much quicker. Armored Warfare hits the sweet-spot right in the middle. Tank movement feels nimble, yet there still is that "weight" you expect from operating a box of steel death. Swinging your turret around toward the enemy feels great. The pacing of the rotation feels balanced between arcade and simulation; not too fast, not too slow. On the most-basic level, Obsidian has found a great balance between fun-to-play and believable simulation.

Armored Warfare: Testing and Founder's Packs

Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that Armored Warfare will be having its first Early Access Test (beta testing) session from May 27th through June 3rd. Those who registered for beta will have a chance to be selected for this test, or you can guarantee yourself a spot by picking up one of three Founder's Packs.

Skyforge Distortions to Provide Epic Combat Action

The action won't stop once you obtain godhood in Skyforge! In your divine form you will be able to challenge yourself—and nine others from your Pantheon—to take on special battles called Distortions.

Surviving monsters from past invasions are constructing new lairs, and players will need to use a special analyzer to detect and assault these enemy bases. Enter an arena and fight four powerful opponents alongside your divine friends.

Skyforge Open Beta Coming This Summer

Earlier today, Obsidian Entertainment, the Allods Team and announced that the Skyforge open beta will be coming to NA and EU this summer. To celebrate this announcement, a new cinematic trailer has been released.

Skyforge Beta Key Giveaway

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The second beta test kicks off today for's Skyforge, and we got a fantastic giveaway for those hoping to get in and help test. 100 lucky winners will get a beta code that grants instant access to CBT2 and beyond—keep reading to find out how!

Skyforge's Closed Beta Test #2 Begins This Week

The second closed beta test phase for Skyforge is almost here! Sign up by March 24th on the official site you can enter the pool of participants for a chance to be randomly selected. To ensure your entry into CBT2, you could instead purchase a Founder's Pack, which are available in three different tiers.

Skyforge Announces Closed Beta and Founder's Packs

The Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and announced earlier today that Skyforge will soon have its first closed beta test. Running for one week starting on March 11th, players will be able to dive into both PvE and PvP elements of the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG.

Skyforge: Orders of Aelion

Each immortal dweller in Skyforge's world of Aelion has their own personal order, which includes believers and adepts that follow you. Managing your own order is like a game within a game, and paying attention to your adept can yield fantastic gifts and more. The way you treat your followers will determine the type of immortal you become.

Armored Warfare: PvE Missions Revealed

Obsidian Entertainment has revealed more information about Armored Warfare’s Missions on the Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode, detailing how difficulties work and tasks players must finish to complete a mission, as well as a set of new screenshots.