Star Wars: The Old Republic PAX Highlight Video

Didn't make it to PAX East? Missed out on all the Star Wars: The Old Republic goodness? Well, have no fear! BioWare has posted a new video highlighting their experience at the recent convention. The team said:

"Thank you to all the fans and to the community for making this a PAX to remember!"

Watch the full video after the jump for highlights from the SW:TOR booth, and be sure to check out our gameplay experience with the demo.

ZAM's Look at What to Expect in LOTRO's Update 2

Today marks the launch of Update 2: Echoes of the Dead for Lord of the Rings Online, and we were fortunate enough to meet with members of the Turbine team at PAX East and follow it up with an exclusive in-game tour to check out all the new features. This update brings a lot of new content to the game, including:

Read on for an in-depth look at what we saw at PAX East and during our tour, as well as what to expect with this new update.

ZAM's Hands-On Look at Lineage II's Tech Demo

Lineage II Producer Marissa McWaters plays the Goddess of Destruction tech demo.

During our time at PAX East, we had the opportunity to check out the North American debut of the playable tech demo for Lineage II's upcoming Goddess of Destruction update. Marissa McWaters, who was just promoted to producer for the game, explained that the demo was created as a tool to collect feedback from fans as we logged in and battled waves of enemies.

“This is a tech demo, so what you're going to see here isn't necessarily going to be part of the Goddess of Destruction update,” McWaters said. “It's just basically to show off the direction we're going with the graphics and the art. Also, some of the skills use combo skills, which we don't have in Lineage II right now. The demo uses several of the skills that are spread out through lots of classes to explain the direction that we're going in the update.”

ZAM's Impressions of Firefall's 1st Playable Demo

The Penny Arcade Expo has become an important convention for Red 5 Studios. The team officially unveiled Firefall at PAX Prime in September 2010, and they just showed off the first playable demo at PAX East over the weekend. I stopped by the massive booth to get my hands on the free-to-play multiplayer online shooter, and it's safe to say that fans of the genre should give it a try when it launches later this year.

Just to make it clear, this game is going to be free-to-play. It will be supported by an item shop, but Lead Designer Scott Youngblood emphasized that the team doesn't want players to be able to “buy power.” Once we had the pricing model details out of the way, it was time for me to get an overview of the game and dive into some combat.

PAX: City of Heroes Issue 20 Details Revealed

City of Heroes is celebrating its seventh anniversary this month, and from the size of the audience at the game's PAX East panel it seems clear that the superhero MMO is still going strong. Players got their first look at the upcoming Issue 20 update and learned that Global Server Access will soon combine the North American and European servers into one list.

The City of Heroes panel was comprised of Lead Producer Nate “Second Measure” Birkholz, Senior Environment Artist Ryan “No Redname” Roth and Associate Community Manager Tia “Avatea” Paraurahi. Keep reading after the jump for all the details.

ZAM Gets Details on Aion's Empyrean Calling Update

During our recent travels to both the Game Developers Conference and PAX East, we were able to get a sneak peek at the content that's coming to Aion in the upcoming Empyrean Calling update. PowerWiki Content Writer Sean Orlikowski showed us a video and walked us through the new features, which include a graphics overhaul, an expanded Legion system, two new instances and more.

You can see an example of the graphics update in the above image. Head over to our screenshots gallery to get a glimpse at what's coming in the Empyrean Calling patch, and keep reading after the jump for all the details.

ZAM Catches Up with Rift's Scott Hartsman at PAX

When I walked into the main entrance of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to begin my PAX East adventure, the first thing I saw was a huge banner hanging from the ceiling with the now famous phrase, “We're not in Azeroth anymore.” Despite not having a booth, Rift definitely had a presence at the convention.

Trion Worlds hosted a party on Friday night to mingle with fans, and I had the opportunity to speak with Trion Worlds CCO and Rift Executive Producer Scott Hartsman the next day about a wide variety of topics, ranging from account security and server transfers to future updates and balancing souls. Check out what he had to say after the jump!

ZAM Gets Details on New Wizard101 World at PAX

At PAX East I had a chance to sit down with Fred Howard, the vice president of marketing for Wizard101, who was excited to talk about the new Wintertusk zone that's coming to the game. Players will get to explore a whole new zone, new quests, new spells and much more. Read on to see what Howard has to say about the future of Wizard101.

Fans Get Answers at Guild Wars 2 PAX East Panel

To give you an indication of the anticipation surrounding Guild Wars 2, the game's PAX East panel reached maximum capacity long before the doors even opened. Eager fans poured into the large room to listen to members of the ArenaNet team discuss the upcoming fantasy MMO and explain how it has evolved from the original game. Audience members also got the chance to ask a variety of questions about Guild Wars 2 during the Q&A session.

The panel was comprised of Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson, Game Designer Jon Peters, Community Manager Regina Buenaobra, Senior VP of Global Business Randy Price, Designer Jeff Grubb, Environment Artist Tirzah Bauer and Global Brand Manager Brian Porter. Now that the introduction is out of the way, let's dive into what was covered at the event.

SW:TOR Live Space Combat Demo at PAX East

During our time at PAX East, we got the chance to try out the Taral V Flashpoint demo at the huge Star Wars: The Old Republic booth. While players waited in line over the weekend to get their hands on the dungeon-style instance, the BioWare team was also hosting various presentations on its massive stage.

One such presentation was a live space combat demo, which was a first for the team. Our friends over at Darth Hater recorded the footage, which you can watch after the jump. Between the Taral V Flashpoint and the space combat presentations, PAX East was definitely the place to be for Star Wars fans.

For more Star Wars: The Old Republic details, be sure to browse through Darth Hater's PAX East coverage.