Seeds of Destruction: Exclusive Screenshots, pt 3

Ready for a new batch of exclusive "Seeds of Destruction" screenshots? We thought you were! This week our screenshots are from Korafax - Plane of Discord which is described on the official website as "the ultimate heart of darkness". The Seeds of Destruction NDA lifts on October 10th and the launch is scheduled for October 21st; get ready for the Destruction!

Make sure to check out all five exclusive screenshots in our image gallery. Enjoy!

Seeds of Destruction: Exclusive Screenshots

The EverQuest team have given Allakhazam the opportunity to show five exclusive screenshots from the 15th Meet Veeshan - well kind of. expansion titled "Seeds of Destruction". In a few of these screenshots you'll get the opportunity to meet a God that at one point Sony Online Entertainment told the players we would never see. Veeshan. Unfortunately, in these screenshots Veeshan, the Mother of all -- is dead. Everyone is dead. Save one individual we know all to well, Zebuxoruk.

Events that have taken place has created an opening in the rift of time and Zebuxoruk, who was imprisioned outside the realm of time -- is the only one who can help restore the balance. EverQuest will always hold a special place in my heart. It's a game that I've been playing since 2000 and I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about an expansion since Planes of Power. Seeds of Destruction patches the cracks that exist in much of the EverQuest lore that has transpired over nearly 10 years. Who's excited?

Make sure to check out all five exclusive screenshots in our image gallery . Enjoy!

EverQuest Seeds of Destruction Announced!

Fan Faire has already brought the EQ community some awesome news: The newest expansion, Seeds of Destruction!

To prevent the cataclysm and defeat the forces of chaos, players must journey through time portals to the greatest moments in EverQuest history. From the founding of Qeynos to the battle of Bloody Kithicor, players will be called upon to safeguard history and ensure that events unfold without interference from the gods of Discord.

EverQuest® Seeds of DestructionTM Features :

  • Mercenaries Player controlled NPCs are available in EverQuest for the first time! Visit the EverQuest home page for a video demonstration!
  • 20 New Zones Features re-imagined classic content as well as brand new realms to explore! Check the EQ Players community website for regular features on zones, NPCs and more!
  • Level Cap Increase

  • Includes all features and content from the 14 previous expansion packs

The expected release date is October 21st, and try though I might, I can't find the info on the EQ page. As soon as I can, we'll update this post with direct links!