E3: Elite Dangerous Excellent on Xbox One

Externally, it seems as if the greatest accomplishment that the members of Frontier Developments surpassed with Elite: Dangerous was cramming an entire galaxy into the game. I've always dreamt of setting course to Sirius so I could see the origins of the human species, but I might just end up in a space battle instead of between two unknown races of advanced powers and weapons. That's one of the lures behind Elite: Dangerous. We never know what we'll end up with in plotting our way across the stars. This year's E3 was an exciting venture into the dark unknown at the Elite: Dangerous booth, and ZAM got to see the game flourish on the Xbox One.

Space Hulk, Incoming!

If by any chance at all you're a fan of Games Workshop and their Warhammer 40,000 universe, this next bit of news should excite you greatly. Perhaps more than it should.

Today, developer Full Control and Games Workshop announced they will be bringing Space Hulk to digital platforms in 2013. To celebrate the announcement, they released a quick teaser trailer: