Mines of Moria To Be Updated Thursday

Yet another patch coming your way, Lord of the Rings Online players. Looks like you'll be getting a small update on Thursday; nothing too major, just some small things of note. This one looks to be a bug-fix release for the most part. There will be some moderate downtime associated with the update server-side, so prepare for a little wait. At least they are keeping up with the Jones'. We'll keep playing if you keep patching!

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Dungeons and Dragons Online Updates Today

No one likes to be left out, and Dungeons and Dragons Online is no exception. Today marks the occasion of super-patch-Tuesday! The patch is faily extensive. It looks like they've fixed some things that were fairly nagging, too, so all of you D & D'ers need to check this one out!

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Lord of the Online Community Votes

Lord of the Rings Online keeps sweeping everyone off of their feet. Their next victim would be 1UP, where they just got voted number one in the massively multiplayer community! World of Warcraft got a close second place, with 35% of the vote. Regardless, an interesting development. That makes them winners of two large community driven contests so far. We shall see what else they shall reap!

Lord of the Solos

Looking for a challenge and play Lord of the Rings Online? Well, fret not! The official site has just the thing for you if you are looking to level from level 40 to level 60 fast and alone. If you aren't quite there yet, don't sweat it: They have a leveling guide for you, too. Check it out and make some awesome characters, already.

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LotRO Wins Best MMO @ MMORPG.com

Turbine took the competition by storm when they released Lord of the Rings Online and it shows – Not only did it get “Best Overall Game,” but it also received “Best Expansion” and they were voted “Favorite MMO Studio” on MMORPG.com's Reader's Choice Awards, securing their place in MMO history.

"We are honored that our studio has received this special recognition and we want to thank the readers of MMORPG.com," said Jim Crowley, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc. "Given the competitive launches that took place this year, we are especially grateful for the awards they extended to The Lord of the Rings Online which has firmly established itself as one of the world’s premium MMOs. While we accomplished a lot in 2008 we have a lot more in store for 2009 that we look forward to sharing with players."

Lord of the Rings, one of everyone's favorite fantasy series, was originally released in paperback in 1954. Ever since Peter Jackson's theatrical release of Lord of the Rings, we have seen nothing but good things come out of that universe, from the textures to the story. Many have played and loved this game, and hopefully, they will keep up the good work and continue to blow our minds with quality and quantiy of releases.

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Turbine Console Projects to be Announced in 2009

Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Jeff Steefel recently told videogaming247 that Turbine will announce console MMO products early next year. No, that's not a typo. Turbine plans to release more than one console MMO!

“We’re really not talking about what our console product plans are, but we will be soon,” he said when asked specifically if we’re going to see a console version of LotRO.

“I would guess by early next year’s we’ll be able to be much more specific about what we’re doing with console, what kind of products we’re putting on console.”

Steefel further said that Turbine is in early development work with hardware manufacturers to "understand where they’re heading in the online space, where the connectivity between the console and internet is really headed."

You can read the full article here or below. Let the rumor mill begin as we wonder if we'll be playing LotRO on our consoles in the future.

Turbine Releases Redhorn Lodes Screenshots

Redhorn Lodes


Are you excited to enter the Mines of Moria ? Well, while you wait you can check out these new screenshots that were released by Turbine today of Redhorn Lodes, a new area in the expansion. The area looks massive, with huge pillars and stairways literally dwarfing (pun intended, sorry) any dwarf or hobbit who enters it.

All of the images can be viewed in our screenshot gallery . Also, don't forget to discuss the expansion in our forum .

Mines of Moria will introduce two new classes, the Rune-keeper and the Warden, as well as Legendary Items. The level cap will also be raised to 60.



Mines of Moria: Foundations of Stone Screenshots

New screenshots for Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria , the game’s first expansion, were released today by Turbine , and they showcase a variety of creatures located in the “Foundations of Stone” area that are just waiting to be slaughtered by daring adventurers.

Turbine boasts that the expansion is "the largest and most dangerous online underground environment ever created," and these screenshots seem to attest to that fact. Eyeless beasts, giant spiders and blade-wielding monsters are shown in intricate detail in various caverns, giving a "survival horror" vibe to the area.

Check out all of the screenshots here and discuss them, along with the expansion, in our forums .

Mines of Moria: Class Screenshots

Turbine released eight new screenshots from the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria expansion pack. These new screenshots depict two new classes that are being added to the game: the Warden and the Rune-Keeper.

Mines of Moria, which is tenitively scheduled to ship around the middle of November -- promises to be every bit as enjoyable as the original content. Check out these new screenshots and let us know what you think in our forums.

Turbine Wins Spot on Top 100 Companies List

Congratulations, Turbine! This is quite an honor.

Turbine, Inc. Selected by AlwaysOn as an OnHollywood 100 Top Private Company Award Winner

Recognized for leadership in emerging technology for digital entertainment and media

WESTWOOD, MA – June 10, 2008 – Turbine, Inc., a premier creator and operator of massive, persistent online worlds today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies.  The OnHollywood 100 is a power list of the top private emerging technology companies in digital entertainment and media. Turbine was handpicked by the AlwaysOn editorial team based on a set of five criteria--innovation, market potential, customer adoption, media buzz and investor value creation. The OnHollywood 100 was selected from more than 1000 companies, peer-nominated by leading venture capitalists, investment bankers and industry analysts.