Exclusive TwelveSky 2 Media #1

Our friends over at MAYN Interactive have sent us four exclusive screenshots for the upcoming MMO, TwelveSky 2. In our latest batch we get to take a closer look at some of the character models from within the game. Considering the recommended system requirements, I'm rather impressed with how polished the game looks in it's current state. What do you think? Let us know in our TwelveSky 2 forums.

Check out our newest exclusive media for Twelvesky 2 by clicking here.

TwelveSky 2: Our First Look

Recently we've been hearing a lot about a new game that will be making it's way to the United States and Europe in 2009. That game is of course TwelveSky 2, which was once listed as one of the most anticipated games in Korea; so we'll have to see how it does in localized markets. Our first actual look at the game is 10 screenshots that were sent over by our friends at MAYN. These defintely give you an idea of how this game will look, but as you know, gameplay is an entirely different thing.

"TwelveSky 2 is an adrenaline-pumping MMORPG. Set in Ancient China, players are thrown into an age old conflict between three warring Clans. Centered on the reemergence of a new faction, players must fight for the honor of their brothers or turn their backs in their hour of need. Packed with jaw dropping martial art techniques, exotic weapons, armor, and pets, a robust war system, and a whole lot more, TwelveSky 2 is primed to be one of the best Free-To-Play Player-versus-Player experiences to date!"

Check out our first exclusive look at TwelveSky 2 here.

TwelveSky 2 Launches New Website & Forums

San Francisco, CA. (Jan. 15, 2009) – Today MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd., an up-and-coming game publisher, has announced the opening of the second Teaser Site for the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed “TwelveSky 2” Europe – a martial arts based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG).

“TwelveSky 2”’s second Teaser Site allows the community to finally come together on an official message board to bond, converse, and learn more about the age of TwelveSky. In addition, the brand-new homepage is outfitted with the complete movie trailer, the first two chapters of game lore, exciting clan details, and lavish screenshots and concept art.