The International - Complete Results

The International, Dota 2's championship eSports event, concluded over the weekend, following five days of intense bracket challenges. In the penultimate finale, North American team Evil Geniuses took home the top spot, defeating Chinese team LGD Gaming in three out of the four games they played.

Friday Update Arcade: Episode 8

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's latest installment of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • Death threats a bad idea
  • LoL WCS finals have ended
  • Metallica to play at BlizzCon
  • Far Cry 4 season pass details
  • Windows Live ends soon!
  • OMG! Age of Ultron

Play 10 Games in Steam's Free Weekend

Looking for something fun and free to round off your week? Hop onto Steam starting at 10am PT/1pm ET today (Thursday, October 16th) and check out 10 quality games during a free play weekend! The titles include:

New Steam Feature: Music Player

There were rumors that Valve would continue making a push into media beyond games. Steam already offers a half-dozen movies and a whole slew of software. They've sold music for ages in the form of game soundtracks. Now they're giving you a way to easily play that music, along with any other MP3s on your computer.

Dota 2 Patch 6.82 - A Game Changer


EDIT: The update is now live!

The times are a-changin’. Dota 2 is in for a huge overhaul in the near future. The recently announced “Rekindling Soul” (6.82) update is due to hit servers soon, and with it come some of the most significant changes to Dota 2 in a very long time.

Steam: Store "Discovery Update"

"The Steam Discovery Update makes it easier to find exactly
what you want when shopping for a new game experience."

Steam, the ubiquitous client from Valve, just got a major store upgrade. Sifting through its 3,700 titles used to be a chore (at best). Now, it's much easier to find content you're actually interested in. Here's how:

Valve Soft-Launches Source 2 Engine

Oh Valve, you cheeky lot – of course you would do it like this.

Amid the release of Dota 2 workshop tools, a few keen-eyed players discovered that Dota 2 can be run on a new engine, Source 2. The discussion on reddit seems to be the hub of new information.

Why The International Matters


The world’s largest eSports tournament ever, The International, just concluded on July 21st. It was a spectacle on many levels; whether it be a sold out arena, the massive prize pool, or the level of competition, the tournament was truly massive and an achievement in many different ways. With the dust finally settled a single question has arisen: why does this tournament matter? The unpacking of this question is simple, but it also speaks volumes about the gaming community as a whole.

CS:GO - Operation Breakout Update


Oh Valve, you always know what we need. It's that time of year for a new Operation in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it's a good one. Operation Breakout, the fourth of its kind, adds 6 new maps, 45 weapon finishes, better bullet penetration, weapon buffs/nerfs, map fixes...the list goes on!

The maps are free, but you can chip in for sweet extras:

Steam Summer Sale 2014 - Final Day


Welcome back to the Steam Summer Sale! We're now in the Final Day, and Valve have brought back 40 of the most popular deals. Let's skip the formalities and check out this sale's last deals!