Film Friday: Ten New Trailers - Part 2

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And we're back with Part 2!

Tuesday Title Wave: The Sims 4 & More

Tuesday is the day for new games. This week, we’ve got five!

They span a wide array of genres: life sim, third-person shooter, dance, shoot ‘em up and...murder mystery? What a group! Check out all the latest releases below:

Warframe Update 10 Marks Biggest Update Yet

Warframe, the co-op free-to-play action game currently in open beta, recently launched Update 10: Shadows of the Dead on Friday, September 13.

The update is the biggest content and feature push yet to the game and includes new Warframes, the return of Survival Missions, new environments, a plethora of new game mods, and the introduction of the Conclaves. With the Conclaves, Tenno (players) can meet in secret and challenge one another to a duel, available in 1v1 and 2v2 format. In addition to the new and returning features there are several overhauls, updates, and fixes that went live with the patch.

The Free Agent: Episode 3 - Warframe

Hello again and welcome to Episode 3 of ZAM's bi-weekly column, the Free Agent. If you missed the previous Episode, be sure to check out the Free Agent's thoughts on just how free-to-play the 3rd person MOBA and battleground of the gods, Smite, really is.

While it may also be played in a 3rd person perspective this episode’s featured game is about as far from hurling lightning bolts and releasing the Kraken as you a can get. We've traded in all those crazy gods for an array of high-tech combat suits worn by a race of ninja-like warriors called the Tenno, in the cooperative free-to-play shooter, Warframe.

Now, after two weeks of intense undercover action as a space ninja, I'm here to let you know if you too can be a space ninja for the cost of nothing but a Steam account.

Warframe Hits One Million Players


It won't come as a huge surprise to anyone who has played it, but it's still big news for studio Digital Extremes who announced today that Warframe has snagged an impressive one million players after just two weeks of open beta.

The free-to-play combat extravaganza puts you in a variety of ultra-cool, Sci-Fi battlesuits as one of the Tenno, an order of warriors who are as proficient with the sword as they are with heavy artillery.

Warframe Open Beta Begins!

The floodgates are now open as the anticipated Sci-Fi, cooperative action game, Warframe, has announced that it's open beta phase has begun! Warframes Chief Creative Director, Steve Sinclair, expressed his thanks to all of the closed beta testers who helped make this possible.

"The road has been wild, but through the fixing, the breaking, the smashing, and the rebuilding, the Warframe community has supported us and it’s heartwarming to see their love for the game matches our own” says Sinclair.

“Free-to-Play has reached a level of acknowledgement within the gaming community that now demands higher level production values and in-depth gaming experiences.  We’re delivering that with Warframe and if the success of the Closed Beta is any indication, it’s well on its way to pushing the Free-to-Play frontier into the next generation.”