World of Kung Fu Patch Coming Soon

World of Kung Fu is working on a new patch, and they've posted a video   showing upcoming changes!

1. We are enhancing the country system to include some really great new features, such as the killer new Invasion system. Keep an eye out here for more information!

2. Quest enhancement for levels 40-80. Lots of new quests to keep you busy in the higer level ranges!

3. Transform System. This one is really cool. There will be items in the game called "Transform Cards" that will let your character transform into creatures and special characters, like the Monkey King and Gong Gong, and you'll get many new attacks and abilities while in these forms. More information will be coming soon!

Lots of good stuff coming!

Pandas are Cool, and WoKF Panda Costumes Rule!

World of Kung Fu panda costumes are totally in this season!
China is known around the world for its ancient culture and beautiful scenery. World of Kung Fu, the 3D MMORPG from VestGame Entertainment, is based on the martial arts and mythology of ancient China. It also incorporates some of its unique wildlife.

Kung Fu and the pandas are both part and parcel of the Chinese experience. World of Kung Fu players can now enjoy Kung Fu and pandas at the same time. The panda costume, a set of lovely clothes which makes the player look like a panda, is a highlight in the World of Kung Fu. It can be worn by players of all classes.

That means the players can become a Kung Fu Panda, which is anything but ordinary. Players wearing the panda costume look really cool when they fight. It looks great when two or more players in panda costumes get together – a regular panda convention!

Recently, our in-game helpers and guides, known as “Game Sages” held an event where they gave away panda costumes. Players were able to trade certain inventory items for the costume, which is now available in the item mall.

Read on for the rest of the release, and be sure to check out the F2P game!

World of Kung Fu Kicks Off Free Item Giveaway

The Free to Play MMO World of Kung Fu has kicked off a new event to help new players get into the swing of things!

Three World of Kung Fu novice cards will be awarded to all players registering a new account with World of Kung Fu, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in ancient China. Novice cards can be exchanged for in-game money and items that will make it easy for new players start their journey in the World of Kung Fu.

Every free novice card is unique. Each card can be exchanged for 2 or more items plus in-game currency. More information about how to exchange your free novice card for items and cash is posted on the World of Kung Fu website at

Read on to find out what some of the items included are!