Long Live The (Wonder)King: NDOORS' Latest 2D MMO

When it comes to the super-cute 2D MMO market (you'd be surprised at how big it is!), there's really no denying that the current belle of the ball is Nexon's mega-hit MMO, MapleStory. In fact, MapleStory is so deeply entrenched in its own success that it seems almost foolhardy to take them on in the MMO market. But taking on MapleStory is just what NDOORS Interactive is doing with their super-cute 2D MMORPG, WonderKing Online. Will it be enough?

Now, NDOORS Interactive may sound familiar to some players, and that's because this is the development team behind the critically acclaimed, and highly successful, turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica Online. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for Atlantica Online's success, outside of its unique gameplay, is the fact that NDOORS is constantly developing and releasing content for their marquee MMORPG. In a market where new content is delivered almost arbitrarily and with the occasional half-a-year gap thrown in, NDOORS' consistency truly does set it apart from its peers. In this way, if there could be any team capable of challenging the behemoth that is MapleStory, it seems NDOORS and their addictively fun WonderKing Online has the best chance of any.

WonderKing Online Releases New Cash Items

In a rare case (for MMO players!) of developers actually listening to the needs of the players, WonderKing Online has released some new avatar items for their Cash Shop. In particular, users have been pining for new eyes, hairs and stat reset items, and the WonderKing team has kindly obliged them in all three. As well, they have released some new Valentine's Day items, although they have yet to implement a method of gifting these items to other users.

You can check out all of their new items added at the WonderKing Website!