Zu Online: Explore the Submarine World

Trying to cool off this summer? Zu Online is here to help, with highlights of their submarine world.

In Zu Online, there exists a gorgeous submarine world, where there are beautiful sceneries filled with hills, trees, flowers, birds and much more. In the submarine world, there is a pretty luxurious palace called Ziin Palace. Ziin Palace's main shrine Yellow Crystal Palace which is built and  decorated using the most precious materials is especially luxurious and splendid. That's why Ziin Palace is even called submarine paradise.

However, this beautiful submarine world is not quiet and peaceful. Instead, it's filled with dangers. Nevertheless, that's right the place the adventurous people expect to explore.




Read on for more about the creatures of Zu Online's submarine world...

Zu Online: Death World Introduction

The folks over at Zu Online have sent us this tidbit today, revealing a basic introduction of Death World and its inhabitants.

IGG is releasing an introduction to its Death World, including descriptions of Death World and the monsters who reside there.

Why is Death World considered as hellish? First, it is as desolate and dried up as a desert. There are no verdant hills or calm rivers, nothing but an endless gray morass that stretches as far as the eye can see, broken only by the occasional stone covered in strange writing. Even though you may occasionally see a few persistent plants carving out a miserable life, there is no doubt as to what their fate will soon be. In fact the only thing that seems certain in this place is the inevitability of death at every turn and behind every rock. Second, this harsh environment has bred harsh, tough monsters that seem to enjoy exterminating anything they find with a breath of life still in it.

The Blood Demon's forces guard Death World.

The Blood Demon's forces have long dominated Death World. The monsters there, including Fighters, Dancing Lions, Soul Eaters, Evil Spearman, Chifaro, Lantern Goblins, and the terrible Widow Yee all pose great threats to players and make Death World a very dangerous place to wander around. However, more threats and challenges mean more benefits can be gained from them. By defeating these tough monsters, players will gain a lot of experience and lots of items, which makes the constant threat of death so much more bearable.

For more details, visit here .

Zu Online: Exhibition of Top Gear

Whether you're willing to admit it or not, the way gear looks can have a pretty big impact on an MMO. I mean, who wants to walk around in generic looking or highly pixelated armor? Not me. If I'm going to take on a persona in an MMO, I want to look badass! Zu Online hasn't let us down with the release of their new gear and equipment. Check it out!

Zu Online , a 3D MMORPG from IGG , has been warmly welcomed by all manner of players due to its unique theme and traditional Chinese features.

IGG has released an exhibition of top gear in Zu Online. The list of things to equip your character with in Zu Online is a long one. There are helmets, hoods, vestments, waistbands, gloves, weapons, Spirit Breath, Spirit Armors, trinkets, precious, and much, much more. Except trinkets and precious items, all the other gear mentioned above can be refined to raise their attributes and increase its potential.

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Zu Online Newbie Guild Foundation and Summer Sale

Zu Online has announced a new guild event, along with a great summer sale in the Item Mall.

IGG has announced a new Guild Foundation event especially for newbie players in Zu Online

Any player above level 60 can create a guild and then recruit players below level 30. The Guild Lord will be rewarded for helping his guild members level up. Meanwhile, those who are helped by the Guild Lord will also obtain rich rewards. This event will run from June 24th to July 7th (EDT) on all servers. 

To celebrate the arrival of the summer Holidays IGG are holding an event in the Item Mall, offering all of their players the chance to purchase items at super low prices.  These bargains include 50% off Fortune Caskets and up to 80% of other selected items. 

Check out the official site for more details.

Zu Online Summer Carnival Prelude

Start summer off right in Zu Online!

Panda Style 

Sometimes even the bravest player can feel weak, but you can be as strong as the Kung Fu Panda “Po” if you try. Inside everyone is a hero waiting to burst free! Combine your strength with other trainees to help defeat the GM's Devil Yi and protect the peace of Holy City.

For more info about this event visit here.

Careless Treasure Hunting 

The Brigand has stolen hordes of treasure from IGG’s 2nd anniversary ceremony! Although a brave GM managed to recapture most of the Stolen Treasure, (Fortune Caskets and Mystic Stones) the cunning Brigand escaped. So, the GM has decided to hide the treasure in the Hexad Region while he continues to pursue the outlaw Brigand. But, unbeknownst to him, his bag was ripped and treasure has dropped out all across the Hexad Region. Will you be lucky enough to find one of the GM’s missing treasures?

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A Tree for Peace 

One Zu World, One Family. After fierce battles between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil, the environment of Zu Mountain has been damaged badly. The immortals of the forces of Good are calling on all brave warriors to plant trees in the Zu World to restore this magnificent environment.

For more info about this event visit here.

Zu Online: Olympic Games II Details

This bit of news from Zu Online was sent our way earlier.

IGG has announced the details of the Zu Online Olympic Games, which will be held in their newly released server—Ghost. Participants will have the opportunity to make their Olympic dreams come true, as well as the chance to win top equipment and genuine 2008 Beijing Olympic Tickets. 

Sign up to participate, fight for your guild and yourself, and earn the chance to win a ticket for the real 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as well as top equipment in the game! 

For more details, please visit us here. 

Zu Online: Silver Coin Free Giveaway

We got this press release from Zu Online, and boy oh boy is this a good time to start playing, if you're not already!

Zu Online team will offer its players 10 times as many silver coins as there are players online from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on June 14th.  

That’s to say the more players get online at that time, the more silver coins the players may win. Silver coins will be given at 2:00 pm, June 16th. 

For more detailed event info visit its official website http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=787 
If you haven't logged in to this free to play game yet, now is the time!

Zu Online Olympic Games for IGG 2 Year Anniversary

Zu Online is joining in the IGG celebration with a special in game olympic event!

In celebration of IGG’s upcoming 2-year anniversary, Zu Online Olympic Games will be commencing on June the 7th till June the 29th. Sign up to participate and the participants will have the chance to win a ticket for the real 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!

Meanwhile, Zu Online will launch a series of fun-filled events, including a Red Packet Giveaway, Tree Hugger's Unite and Express Delivery. Players will also have the chance to obtain extra Item Mall points.

For more information on how Zu Online is going to celebrate click here.

Zu Online: New Server and Patch 1.4.07 Released

Ready to start fresh in Zu Online? Now you can, with a brand new server to go with the latest patch.

The Zu Online Team announced that a new server GHOST had gone live and is now available to players. It gives players the opportunity to begin their adventure on a fresh, untouched version of Zu world.

With the launching of GHOST, the Playing Games to Get Bone event is underway, in which players are able to obtain lots of Bone and share in the happiness together. In addition, to celebrate IGG’s 2nd Anniversary, more special events are available now.

For more information, visit the official website.

Meanwhile they announced that the new 1.4.07 Patch has been released on June 2nd with new online events added.

Zu Online: Draw Your 777 Dollars

Between May and July this year, the Zu Online team is offering all Zu Online players the chance to win 777 dollars. 

Event Details:
From May 21st to July 15th log into the appointed servers and accept the 'Rewards for Inner Cultivation' quest from an Award Giver. When you complete the quest, you will be rewarded for your efforts! 

If you are Level 1, you can talk to an Award Giver to take on the 'Rewards for Inner Cultivation' quest and then complete it by talking to him. Afterwards, you can talk to him again to accept the 'Rewards for Inner Cultivation 1' quest. When you reach Level 10, you can finish the 'Rewards for Inner Cultivation 1' quest by talking to an Award Giver. 

You can talk to an Award Giver to take on the next stage of the 'Rewards for Inner Cultivation' quest only after you have finished the previous level. 

The official Zu Online site: http://zu.igg.com/