Black Gold Showcases Battle Mounts

Good news, Snail fans! We've got the scoop on the battle mounts for Black Gold, and this MMO is looking more and more impressive as we get closer to a beta. Fresh concept art for these battle behemoths is here along with a video that shows off the game's new assets. Take a gander at the goods below!

Black Gold Race Reveal: The Buvont

The Snail Games developed MMORPG, Black Gold, is giving us a closer look at one of the more steampunk-oriented races in the game; The "Buvont". Being one of the three races belonging to the Kingdom of Isenhort faction, the Buvont use their knowledge of steam technology to aid their faction in the battle to claim the rare energy source known as Black Gold.

Snail Games Strikes Black Gold


Snail Games is a company that feels pretty happy with the way things are going at the moment. Its big foray into the Western MMO market, Age of Wushu, has been popular enough to warrant opening an extra server while collecting mainly favorable reviews.

Today the company announced that it would not be taking too much of a breather after Wushu's launch. In fact, Snail is pressing ahead with its next MMO, Black Gold.