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A Short Guide to Roleplaying

Hot Fixes - 01/13/09

Server Update - All Servers 1/13/2009

Server Maintenance - Dark Crag

Weekly WAR Recap: Jan. 11, 2009

Hot Fix - 1/10/2009

Fortresses... and a little more!

Experience Enhancements: Phase V

Grab Bag No. 7

Hot Fixes - 1/08/2009

Server Update 01/08/09 - All Servers

Tier 4 Campaign Changes - Fortresses

Favorite Places

Free Character Transfers - Hochland

The Dungeons of WAR

PvE Dungeons - Part 3!

New Years WAR Resolutions

Iron Rock - Server Downtime

Allakhazam Year in Review

PvE Dungeons - Part 2!