OGR Goes to an SOE Seattle Event!

Online Gaming Radio's Leonai had a chance to visit SOE's Seattle office a few weeks back during a super seekrit get together they were having, and she has some coverage for us up on her blog!

Walking in showed a few others walking around, some with early drinks, some just talking and hanging out. I got a chance to quickly talk with Hal who reminded me of someone who’s had a little too much caffeine in his system, but he’s in Seattle. If you’re going to live in Seattle, you may as well be part of the caffeine scene, right?

In any event, this was more a mingling level of an event. Lots of people talking and making light conversation, lots of awesome artwork hidden in the back where there wasn’t supposed to be photography, an ice sculpture of a gun, and an open bar for most of the evening.

Hal is, of course, lead designer of the upcoming MMO, The Agency!  If you're looking for more details, be sure to listen to the Ravecast tomorrow on Online Gaming Radio!


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