Vanguard MEST Celebration Begins Tomorrow

Come join your friends in Vanguard in celebration! The festivities are scheduled to begin tomorrow, and last over the next few weeks.
The Gnomes of Mekalia are out to prove that smaller is most certainly better! While here in the States we're getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, Telonains will have a chance to participate in the Mekalian Extravaganza of Science and Technology (known to most as MEST).

This celebration should be on the Live servers beginning next week, and promises to be entertaining for "soloers", groups, and even raiders, with various quest lines designed for each type of player. These tasks will let adventurers earn unique rewards designed to help everyone celebrate MEST! In addition, all quests offer Ancient Platinum Coins as well, which can be traded in to receive faction coins from any city!
Check out the full release here.


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