Sneak Peak at Isle of Dawn

Recently, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes artist Chris Atkins was interviewd for the VGPlayers site. In the interview, images from the Isle of Dawn, Vanguard's trial in the making, are shown.  Also in the interview, Chris Atkins speaks a little about working on the trial:
I think players can expect to see an environment that is rich with content and visually "full". Something that I think Vanguard lacked was dense population of objects on the surface of the terrain. There are a ton of dungeons and vast underground areas, whereas here on the IoD there is very little barren space on the surface. The IOD was created by a smaller team with serious focus on performance so everyone had to wear more hats this go around. It was a great team effort where design and art worked closely to create interesting content and a visually cohesive island.
The full interview, along with 3 screen shots of different areas in the trial can be found here.

The trial is a very anticipated push from not only the Vanguard development team, but from anyone who's wanted to try Vanguard since release as well as those who left the game due to its original performance issues.

Myself and others have been giving away Buddy Keys on the Newbie Yard forum. If you can't wait until the Isle of Dawn releases, I recommend keeping an eye on that forum!


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