Station Launcher Stress Test This Weekend

Station Launcher is doing a stress test this weekend!

There is going to be a stress test of the new Station Launcher this weekend, August 8th through August 10th and YOU are invited! Tell your friends... tell your loved ones... tell your guild mates... they are all invited too! Station Launcher will include:
  • Launching Station Games - One place for all your games - launch games from one location, no separate logins, and delete shortcuts on desktop.
  • Easy, Behind-the-Scenes Updating - Ready to Go Anytime - Automatic Updating, updating can take place while computer is in use, and manage download settings for each game through preferences.
  • Connect with Friends using Station Friends - All SOE friends list on one application, stay connected to friends in-game, game characters names private, see what SOE games your friends are playing when you are online, send and receive tells, and connect with legacy friends.
  • Purchase Station Games, Updates and Items- purchase & download a variety of content, able to pre-load games, stay current on Station news, and subscribe.
  • Localization - Station Launcher will be available in several different languages, choose the one you wish to use.

Not a whole lot of other info was given , but the Launcher certainly has the capacity to make life much easier for those of us that play SOE games, so be sure to log in and check it out this weekend!


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