SOE looking for Guilds for EQII Beta

Calibratrix posted on the Official Forums:

The Dev Team is looking for several guilds to help test the EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey expansion. Interested guild leaders are invited to post in this thread with the following information:

  • Guild Name
  • Server
  • Guild leader's in-game character name

This solicitation is open to guilds of all sizes.

Please note that responding to this thread does not guarantee that your guild will be selected for the beta program; it is, however, the one place you need to post if you are interested.

Guild leaders will be contacted via email in the event their guild is selected; a confirmation email will also be sent to each guild member who has an active subscription in good standing at the time of contact. Please ask guild members to read and accept the NDA by clicking on this link to speed the process along. If guild members have already accepted the NDA, then no further action is required.

We thank you for your continued support of EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey and greatly appreciate your help!

Another chance to get in the TSO Beta, woot!  Click here to get your name in!


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