Allakhazam Warps Into Crusades

Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered what it would be like to explore the heavens? The team working on Crusades at Vizual F/X Studios have and they would like to give you the opportunity to do just that. We had the opportunity to talk with Daniel 'FatalFX' McMillan about the game; check it out!

Allakhazam : Can you tell us a little bit about your game?

FatalFX : It has been said that is seems 'no game being created is done so out of purity or love for adventure anymore.' However, we disagree. 'Crusades' was created out of the love for adventure. It is an effort to restore the sense of exploration that was prevalent in the early days of science fiction culture.

In the first release, Chapter One - A New Beginning , players will set out on a single planet. It is important that players build up an economic infrastructure, learn essential skills, and gather resources needed to defend what they create before venturing out into the vast expanse of the Universe. The addition of spacecraft in Chapter Two - Explore & Colonize , will present an opportunity for players to explore a virtually limitless expanse and truly 'build their own place in the universe.' The planets allow for massive amounts of player created settlements that may eventually evolve into player owned empires. In time, you might one day log on to discover that your city is under attack or that your guild is launching a full-scale raid against a distant empire.

Allakhazam : With 6 combat classes already announced do you plan on adding anymore before launch?

FatalFX : The player classes in Crusades are constantly evolving and changing, but currently we plan on 6 combat classes, 5 support classes, and 10 professions at the time of launch.

Allakhazam : How will the support and profession classes work?

FatalFX : Support classes are designed to go out with the combat classes and support them in quests, PvP, raids, etc. The Profession classes are stand-alone classes that may skill up without going out on raids, etc. Of course it will benefit them if they did join in those endeavors because more valuable and rare resources may be discovered on other worlds.

Allakhazam : Can you explain your 'Flexible Tier-based skill system?'

FatalFX : The first Tier is called "Guardian Tier." Players start out in their chosen expertise as a Novice Guardian and then skill-up through to Master Guardian. Players may then skill-up on into 'Knight Tier' followed by 'Lord Tier' and then 'Destiny Tier' and then upwards from 'Novice Crusader' through 'Master Crusader.' (We have posted the skill tiers on our gaming website).

Allakhazam : Crusades boasts an "Unlimited Exploration Potential". Please explain how that is going to work!

FatalFX : In Crusades, the world maps are spherical rather than flat. Space exploration will generate additional new systems as needed, dependent upon the presence of players. Each system generates new stars, planets, and moons. Thus, as players begin to expand outward they may discover entirely new galaxies. This perception of the universe will seem ‘ever expanding' with unlimited exploration potential.

Allakhazam : Are there any plans for PvP in Crusades?

FatalFX : Yes! Each world has designated continents where PvP will be sanctioned. It is here that the players and guilds may build fortresses or cities and participate in conquest / PvP.

Allakhazam : How do you expect that to tie into the game? Are you playing around with any fun ideas?

FatalFX : We believe that the key to good PvP answers the question - why are we doing this ? For 'Crusades' the answer is for resources and control . For instance, with open-ended space and solar systems, camping the typical route blockade / jumpgate will not be very effective because players may fly in any direction to exit a world and its' solar system. Planet orbits might get camped, however, but in the case of a well defended city below, bombarding a city from orbit will take time, resources, and co-ordination. Landing and deploying troops will require excellent raid-style organization to make it effective. Even if a world is overrun by a large dominant force, such as the 'Necromongers' in 'Chronicles of Riddick,' the inhabitants may have to go elsewhere, finding resources that may enable them to strike back.

Allakhazam : There has been a lot of hoopla on your community forums regarding an expanding infinite universe and the potential for a final showdown between 'Carebears vs. PvP'rs.' Could the Crusades universe make gaming history as the final playground to settle the score?

FatalFX : It has been an interesting discussion brought up on the community forum. Looking forward to chapter two, when we release spacecraft people have been discussing. You see, within 'Crusades' most everywhere outside of the Homeworld is open solar system, and that is where much of the best resources may be found and harvested for players to build Outposts, Cities, Spacefleets, and so on.

On that note, 'Carebear' players might form large guilds in order to protect their cities. We all know how much time they spend crafting. Thus, they will most likely have the best crafted items which the PvP'rs will enjoy looting (if they can) and that will force the Carebears to unite and fight, or perhaps hire the best PvP'rs to fight. Within an infinite universe setting, confrontations for territory and resources may escalate into major battles between the two player-styles. The current speculation is that PvP'rs may not survive. PvP'rs need to work with the Carebears to obtain the best weapons, planetary defenses, and spacecraft, and Carebears won't tolerate being attacked everywhere they go. Thus we have a potential Yin & Yang per say, where Carebears vs. PvP'rs could develop into a final showdown. Personally I think it is long overdue, and it could make for some interesting gameplay. But only the players may answer the question as to who would win.

Allakhazam : Crafting has been announced. How is that coming along?

FatalFX : We are passionate about presenting a great crafting experience. Professions are essential for generating in-game revenue. Initially in our first release, players will craft items that have templates and schematics in the game. Through progressive releases, our long term goal is to allow for players to experiment and submit schematics and other items such as Armor, Structures, Spaceships, Weapons, and Food Recipes.

Allakhazam : Let's talk system requirements, Commodore 64 or a Mid to High end machine?

FatalFX : As the technology for Crusades solidifies, we will offer more definitive specifications. However, at this time we recommend a Dual Core, 4 gigabytes Ram, 8000 series (or equivalent video card), with a Hard Drive footprint yet to be determined.

Allakhazam : Any release timeframe?

FatalFX : We are looking at a tentative 2009 release.

Allakhazam : Thank you Daniel!

Andrew "Tamat" Beegle


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