Descends Into Moria

We got an email from one of your fellow players over at MSNBC today and it seems they had a rather unique opportunity to interview none other than Jeffrey Steefel, the Executive Producer for Lord of the Rings: Online about the newest expansion coming to the game. While the interviewer declined to give his in game name, I have to say that this video he shared with us is beyond awesome and shows quite a few details of the vast and extensive new zone of Moria. Loosen those swords, get your bows ready and read on!

Just when we thought the game couldn't get any cooler, the folks over at Turbine toss us another view of the upcoming expansion to get us really excited. And man does it look cool!

Gandalf's got a brand new bag

The massively multiplayer online game 'Lord of the Rings Online' delves into the Mines of Moria in their latest update and brings J.R.R. Tolkien's creation to life.


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