Dev Diary: Anatomy of a Cluster

Amlug has wonderful information availble regarding the MoM updates coming to instances in the newest LotRO dev diary: Anatomy of a Cluster !

One of the things we haven’t had a chance to do with our instances in the past is establish a sense of progression. The instances got more difficult, yes, but they also lacked the ability to train players to become better, and they did not encourage players to use the skills they learned to defeat the next bosses. We also simply did not have enough of them at the highest levels to support people who were capped. Being able to create a sense of what’s next and help guide players from one instance to another is really important. We’re going to be doing this in Mines of Moriathrough progression, clustering, “hard mode,” and yes, loot.

He covers both progression through instances as well as storyline, and what we can expect to see change in Mines of Moria!  Check it out!


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