The Art of Middle Earth LotRO Dev Diary

Art Director Harry "Floon" Teasley has yet another dev diary (two in one day...we're getting close to Moria people!) for us, this one focused on The Art of Middle Earth !

Thus Middle-earth has grown. Our Epic Story has finally brought us to Eregion and the Hollin Gate, to the entrance of the greatest “dungeon” ever imagined: the Dwarrowdelf, Khazad-Dûm, Moria. Greatest work of the Dwarves, this once magnificent city is now in ruins, overrun by Orcs and the evils released by “delving too deep.” Nothing that we have developed to date had begun to scratch at what we wanted Moria to be: the greatest dungeon adventure you have ever seen and played.

Just reading these epic words makes me want to not only reread the books, but hop into game and see everything I can do!  There's lots of Moria discusson going on in our forums, so be sure to join in!


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