Scientists Expect Snowballs to Melt on Jan. 6

If you have any snowballs left from CCP's winter event in EVE Online, you might want to start launching them. The event ends on Jan. 6, but CCP has a much more fun way of putting it :

We have been working closely with weather specialists regarding this matter. They have been ceaselessly running weather prediction simulations since the mysterious arrival of these snowballs. According to their models, temperatures will rise .0001 K on 6 January 2009. This slight temperature change will result in the complete melting of all snowballs in New Eden, regardless of their location.

The CCP team always goes above and beyond to make sure their events and announcements remain within in the theme of the world they've created. Oh, and if you're worried that universal warming is the cause of all this, scientists are assuring us it's just seasonal temprature variations. Regardless, I think Al Gore should make a stop in New Eden.


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