New Media for The Old Republic

With the current flurry of activity coming out of every major development studio this week, Bioware could not be left behind. Thusly, in light of this, they have decided to release a good chunk of media from Star Wars: The Old Republic  to the public.

Unlike Star Wars Galaxies, which is set in a more “modern” era in the Star Wars Universe, The Old Republic takes place roughly four-thousand years prior to the events of Star Wars: Episode One. This gives players the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of Jedi to slaughter, no matter what side of the Force they choose. With new screenshots and wallpaper coming out, we can do nothing but wait and anticipate. This game has the potential to either bring more people into the foray of the massively multiplayer genre, or just maybe rock the world of those already in it. We shall see.

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Website


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