Lord of the Rings Online Welcomes Back Past Users

For one reason or another, sometimes we all have to stop playing a game for a time. Be that reason frustration, or simply lack of funds or even some other unforeseen variable coming into our lives, most of us have had it happen and will have it happen again. At least those Lord of the Rings Online users don't have to fret as much.

"From 2nd February until 9th February, 2009 we’re inviting all players to come back and play LOTRO. The doors will be open for former players to enter the world of Middle-earth for a week of FREE game play."

Such news means those of you who let go of Lord of the Rings Online and are currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms, you can now get your dose for free for a week! This is the sort of innovation everyone likes to see from any massively multiplayer development studio.

Source: Lord of the Rings - Europe - Forums


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