EVE to Get New NPC Race

Everyone loves variety. That variety may be in smaller doses for some and larger doses for others. Everyone likes change, especially when it's from the creators of one of the most original, awe-inspiring massively multiplayer games currently in the business, EVE Online. Over at their developer's blog they discuss some of the newest changes being made with the upcoming release of Apocrypha.

"We have been observing the current strength scale between players and NPCs with watchful eyes for quite some time now. More often than not, PvE interactions in EVE are quite limited, merely consisting of watching the NPC explode after a few volleys. We are not satisfied with that... That is why for Apocrypha, we are unleashing an ancient race into the universe: the infamous Sleepers, lurking throughout the vast unknowns stretching at the other side of the Wormhole maws. Do not underestimate them, as they will remain radically different from the regular pirate factions you are used to."

If you play EVE, this is some exciting news. The introduction of a completely new race into the story arc brings not only a fresh-side to PvE in the game, but it also forces all of the players to re-think their current strategies in terms of all NPCs. They just never give up on innovation over at CCP Studios, and soon we shall see just what all the hubbub is about.


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