Weekly News Recap: April 26, 2009

We hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Here's our recap of our ZAM features and noteworthy news articles from the past week. As always, check after the jump for even more links.

ZAM Features

ZAM Launches New EQII Site: ZAM, in partnership with SOE, is pleased to present the new EverQuest II ZAM Site! It incorporates game data from SOE with player guides and comments from the old site to bring you a new level of game information.

Sword of the New World: A Mix of New and Old: Editor Christopher "Pwyff" Tom checks out Sword of the New World, a unique game that puts RTS combat in an MMO world.

Four Years of Guild Wars: We speak with ArenaNet's James Phinney, lead designer on Guild Wars, about the game's anniversary, as well as get some nuggets of Guild Wars 2 information.

The Silence of the Devs: This ZAM editorial asks why Square Enix remained silent after a post-update problem left scores of Final Fantasy XI players wondering whether enfeebling magic had been ninja-nerfed. SE has since apologized and even responded to the community on our forums.

Vanguard: A Deep Game That Needs More Heroes!: Pwyff checked out Vanguard and found it to be an incredibly deep game that needs a bigger community to appreciate its grandeur.

Are Humans *Really* the Good Guys?: Sam "azerian" Maxted speculates about run-of-the-mill bad guys in MMOs. Are humans really the good guys? Find out in this hysterical editorial.

User Agreements: What They Really Say: You know the text you need to agree to before you can log into an MMO for the first time? Azerian takes a closer look at some of the fine print.

Five Exclusive Screenshots: Our friends over at Quest Online have given us yet another look at Alganon, their upcoming MMO.

Noteworthy News Articles

LotRO Celebrates 2nd Anniversary: Happy anniversary, Lord of the Rings Online! You can celebrate by participating in the extended Welcome Back Week or enjoying the special subscription price of $9.99 a month.

April 28: Gracia Final Launch, 5 Years Event: Tuesday is an exciting day for Lineage II players. The newest free expansion goes live and the game celebrates it's 5-year anniversary with the start of an event.

5-Year Anniversary Celebration Kicks off April 28: Lineage II isn't the only game celebrating on Tuesday. All chaos is going to break loose that day in City of Heroes as the game enjoys its fifth birthday. There's all sorts of other events planned throughout May, too.

Build 1.14: Black Bart's Revenge is Now Live: The newest update is now on the live servers in Pirates of the Burning Sea, and it brings numerous updates to the game.

The Chronicles of Spellborn Officially Released!: Acclaim Games has announced the official release of The Chronicles of Spellborn, and new players who sign up now will recieve a free two-week premium subscription.

Replenishment No Longer Works on Arena Teammates: Blizzard poster Zarhym has announced they're hotfixing Replenishment in Arenas in World of Warcraft so it will only affect the character and not the whole team.

Final Fantasy XI Population Hits Two Million Mark!: Square Enix announced that for the first time, characters across all worlds has exceeded the two million mark.

Jumpgate Evolution: Spaceship Lineup: The lineup of ship types for Jumpgate Evolution was unveiled, and we've got all the details.

Beyond the Sands had Begun!: Find out more about the new Warhammer Online live event in our wikibase or forums.


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