Richard Garriott Sues NCsoft for $27 million

As you may remember, Richard Garriott announced his departure from NCsoft in November 2008 following his flight to the International Space Station as part of Operation Immortality. Soon after, it was announced that Tabula Rasa was shutting down. Well, as Kotaku found out, Garriott is suing NCsoft for fraud to the tune of $27 million in damages.

The suit was filed in the Texas Western District Court yesterday. GamePolitics has a copy of Garriott's actual complaint. Basically, as GamePolitics puts its, the complaint "alleges that he lost millions when NCsoft manipulated him into cashing out stock options earlier this year after firing him late in 2008."

Yes, Garriott is saying he was fired and didn't leave the company voluntarily after all. Here's the wording straight from the complaint: "In... November 2008, Chris Chung, President of NCSoft's North American operations, informed Mr. Garriott that NCSoft has decided to 'part company.' Although Mr. Garriott objected to his dismissal, Mr. Chung insisted that the decision was final - Mr. Garriott had to go."

Garriott claims to have suffered more than $27 million in damages and is accusing NCsoft of breach of contract, fraud and negligent misrepresentation.


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