SW:TOR Announces Newest Class: Sith Warrior

At GamesCom today, BioWare has officially confirmed that the Sith they showed off at E3 is, in fact, their latest class for SW:TOR - the Sith Warrior! Creative Director James Ohlen has stated that the Sith Warrior was inspired by Darth Vader, and that the class will focus more upon martial prowess rather than overwhelming opponents with their force powers (although he notes that they do use some 'iconic' powers, like Force Choke). In other words, the Sith Warrior - who starts out on the planet Korriban - is the 'Dark Side' opposite of the Jedi Guardian and, speaking in MMORPG archetypes, will probably be something of a 'Warrior' class in SW:TOR.

In other unrelated SW:TOR news, BioWare has also confirmed that the game will be fully voiced in three languages: English, French and German.


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