Dev Gameplay Walkthrough Shows In-Game Footage

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team showcased a developer gameplay walkthrough video at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, and it shows almost 20 minutes of gameplay footage. IGN has the video up in four parts, and it's a must-see for any fan looking forward to this new Star Wars MMO.

Senior Content Producer Dallas Dickinson starts things off by explaining that the walkthrough shows the game's cinematic conversation system and combat. He emphasizes that SW:TOR is the world's first fully voiced MMO as we get to see a cutscene full of dialogue between a bounty hunter and NPCs on the planet Hutta. You have to make decisions during these in-game conversations that will affect gameplay for your character. In the video, the bounty hunter had to make three choices in the first conversation alone. We then get to see some ranged combat as the bounty hunter uses his blaster and rockets to fight a number of enemies.

Producer Blaine Christine then gives us a look at the smuggler, which is a class similar to Han Solo. This adventure begins on Ord Mantell, and we get to see the first-ever cover mechanic in an MMO as the character hides behind a rock and shoots over it at enemies. Dickinson then jumps to Korriban to give a first look at the sith warrior class. Keep reading after the jump for more details on the video.

Dickinson then shows us a flashpoint, which is a "highly customized story and gameplay experience." A high-level bounty hunter and sith warrior must decide whether to help or kill a captain. Both the sith warrior and the bounty hunter were able to respond to questions, allowing multi-player communication during conversations. Dickinson explains that the duo's decision to kill the captain will affect their gameplay in major ways. After that we see how group combat works in SW:TOR.

Justin Lowe of the Darth Hater blog has dissected the walkthrough by labeling all sorts of information in screenshots taken from the video. In case you missed it, Justin also analyzed the video documentary on voice-over conversations in July.


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