"The Guild" Cast Answers Questions at BlizzCon

The cast of "The Guild" Web series held a panel at BlizzCon to answer questions from viewers and discussed everything from favorite behind-the-scenes moments to what it's like having such dedicated fans. Felicia Day, who plays Codex, on top of being the show's creator and writer, kicked off the panel by showing the popular "Do You Want to Date My Avatar" music video, which was the top music video on iTunes in the world at the time. Audience members then got to enjoy the world premiere of the first episode of season three, which was just released on MSN Video. Day also showed a trailer for season three, which you can view here.

Keep reading after the jump for the casts' responses to questions from members of the audience. If you haven't seen the first episode of season three yet, there's one major spoiler mentioned in the Q&A session, so you may want to watch it first if you don't want to ruin the surprise. Also, check out our interview with Day for even more information on the show and upcoming Guild comic book.

  • Sandeep Parikh, who plays Zaboo, said it was fun working with Wil Wheaton. "Working with Wesley Crusher was f***ing awesome! Oops, can I swear? I said frackin'!"

  • When Day was chided for not having a level 80 character in World of Warcraft, she said she just leveled her female dwarf priest nine levels to 69 so she can officiate an in-game wedding for Jeff Lewis, who plays Vork.

  • Day said she specifically wrote parts for Parikh and Lewis in the show. Day said Lewis plays World of Warcraft more now. "We shot season one and he started playing WoW. He went back and watched season one and said, 'I know what I'm saying now.' "

  • Day said nobody has approached her to make a TV version of "The Guild," but she wouldn't be opposed to it. Parikh said the cast is always told they don't have the market for a TV show "even though we're looking at all of you" to loud applause from the audience.

  • When asked if there are any more music videos planned, Day said it would "be hard to top that one," but she wouldn't be opposed to it. Parikh said they could do the next one in 3D. Vincent Caso, who plays Bladezz, said he was originally supposed to dance in the video.

  • In addition to her work on "The Guild," Robin Thorsen, who plays Clara, is on a movie review show called "Movie Mob" on the Reelz Channel. Michele Boyd, who plays Riley, co-hosts Machines of Malice on the Discovery Channel.

  • Members of the cast play on the server Zangarmarsh in World of Warcraft.

  • "The Guild" started after Day quit playing WoW for a time to write a script. "In the olden times, there was a raid with 40 people. And we wiped on Ragnaros 45 times before we downed him," she joked. "People think we're all rejects or people who never come out of our dark houses. There are a lot of hot girls here who play WoW, and people with different backgrounds. This is something people should understand better." Day said you can be cool and play online games to loud applause.

  • When asked if Neil Patrick Harris, who Day worked with on "Dr. Horrible," will ever appear on "The Guild," Day said she might be brave enough to e-mail him about it someday. She said asking Wheaton to play a part was nerve-wracking, but he was totally cool with it.

  • Day said Joss Whedon is busy working on the second season of "Dollhouse," but there is a plot for a "Dr. Horrible" sequel. Day will be returning to "Dollhouse" to continue her guest appearances next season.

  • One fan asked the entire cast what it's like to be supported by hordes of fans, and they went down the line to answer. Caso said he enjoys the attention: "I've gotten rape threats and marriage proposals. I've been stalked. This is awesome!" Lewis said his parents still don't understand the show. Amy "Tinkerballa" Okuda said her mother watches their music video 10 times a day, but nobody notices her in the real world. Parikh said he was recognized in New York City in the middle of the night, which is a testament to how cool their fans are. Thorsen said she enjoys taking photos with fans and Boyd said she's not recognized unless she's with the rest of the cast.

  • When asked about their hobbies, Lewis said he can read Hebrew and joked that he wants to make a Vork spin-off show like "Vork Goes to Israel" or "It's All Coming Up Vork."

  • Day said they auditioned 30 to 40 girls for the role of Riley. They wanted a gamer and Boyd had the lingo down. Day also thought she could make fun of the height difference between Boyd and Parikh.

  • Day said she's not opposed to other people writing episodes in the future and noted she tried to have each character have a strong story arc in season three. Day also said she's going to be writing a comic with Dark Horse based on "The Guild."

  • The cast was asked to share their favorite behind-the-scenes moments and director Sean Becker kicked things off by saying it was fun to shoot the stunt scene in season two, episode three over and over. He's referring to the scene where Wade, the stuntman, is knocked down the stairs by Codex. Day said her favorite scene was Vork stealing items off the party table in the 11th episode of season two while Tink is owning Bladezz. Caso said he ruined every other take from laughing when working with Lewis and Parikh because they were improvising so much. Lewis enjoyed the scenes at Cheesybeards because it's fun to be with a group of people. Okuda said she liked dancing in the music video, while Thorsen's favorite scene is when Vork takes a sad shower after realizing Clara had been killing his character. Parikh reminisced about doing a cartwheel into an actress at the end of season two and Boyd said Wheaton screamed like a girl when a bug landed on him.

  • Day said she had writer's block from season three and has ideas for the fourth season, but doesn't have a vision of where the plot's going in the next few seasons.

Darryl "Togikagi" Gangloff
News Reporter


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