Dragon Age Hits Stores, Includes WAR Items

Unless you've been living under the weight of an ogre's buttocks, you've probably heard of Dragon Age: Origins. Today marks the release of Dragon Age: Origins on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. We're impressed by BioWare's immersive RPG, as can be seen in our hands-on preview and our interviews with the co-founders of BioWare and Executive Producer Mark Darrah. You can now join the Grey Wardens and fight the gritty, dark, violent battle with your swarthy brethren.

And there are even some surprises to be found in your brand new game! If you're a devout purchaser of EA products - or if you just happen to be an owner of Warhammer Online - you'll find a code that unlocks the "Adventurer's Handbook" (which gives you a 10% XP Bonus when used) and the "Skaven Skin Cloak" (allows your to take on the appearance of the ratty Skaven).

That's a pretty sweet deal, especially for folks that own both products. I certainly do, so it was a pleasant addition to an excellent package.


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