Fallout MMO: Rumored Screenshots Posted Online

Back in September we featured a report about the ongoing legal battle between Bethesda Softworks and Interplay regarding the rights to the Fallout MMO, which is rumored to be in early development under the codename "V13." We've already seen various concept art leaked online―released via the popular Vault Wiki fansite―by members of the Interplay development team. Earlier this month, an "anonymous, but reliable source"―presumably one of the same Interplay developers―submitted three alleged screenshots of the Fallout MMO to the fansite.

These three screenshots were deemed to be legitimate by most community members, which note their detail and resemblance to prior concept art. According to the original post at The Vault, the screenshots are actually being used as part of Interplay's defense in the trial, to prove that development of the MMO was underway in the past. The poster, Ausir, said the images were "submitted by Interplay as court evidence to show that the game is in full production already." Since the images haven't officially been confirmed as screenshots from the Fallout MMO, this news should be considered a rumor until Interplay announces otherwise. However, based on the information that's come out of the Vault community in the past, many fans are enjoying what they consider to be their first glimpse into an MMO they've dreamed about for years. In case you missed the link featuring the screenshots above, here it is again. What do you think?

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