Vanguard Devs Answer Questions from Players

The newest edition of the Telonian Tribune has been posted on the official Vanguard site, and this one is actually a Q&A with the development team. The questions were selected by the community as the top 10 questions that currently need answers.

The answers are mainly short and to the point. For example, the cost of POTA T2 and T3 armor will be lowered as part of the Christmas patch, and the ability to equip harvesting bags on the harvesting character sheet has been approved. You can read the full Q&A after the jump.

This week we've taken your questions that you selected as the top 10 from the communuity and we've dug up some answers for you. Without further ado, here's the Ask a Dev a Question answers from past month's questions!

Why don't you lower the cost of POTA T2 and T3 armor in terms of both gold and echoes/wilds?

It is being done as a part of the Christmas patch

What is the new timeline for release of new content - HOSS, PZ, AA's etc? We have been informed they have been delayed due to Silius' temporarily being borrowed by another project (I hope this other project involves)

We are evaluating some of that content while considering my absence.

Are there any plans to add content for non-guilded 50+ level adventurers so we can get ancient platinum or hunt with a single non-healer friend or even solo?

Looking into these things as we evaluate future content.

Any plans to revise the racial starting areas so they have a reason to go there besides for the lore?

None at the moment.

Most healers are not happy with the stats on the PotA set armor. Speaking from the perspective of a Hayatet Shaman, stats like melee damage, strength, and melee mitigation are worthless to me. Is it possible to get this looked at?       

It is possible, but not likely in the near future.

Is there any chance of making it so that harvesting bags can be equipped on the harvesting character sheet, much like diplomacy containers can be equipped on the diplomacy character sheet?

Yes there is a chance and it is something that I have approved we just need to schedule this out so we can take care of it.

Is there content such as an epic weapon that has been in the game for a long time - say from day 1 of the game's opening, that hasn't been found yet?     

Nope, these have all been found .

Will there be a crafting revamp in the future? For example being able to make a weapon with your choice of all 6 attributes instead of the 4 we currently have. Also, T3 and T5 small hilts can have energy regen as a focusing, but T4 can not.           

This is not something that's planned at this time .

When will you develop and impliment imbued slot enhancements?          

These already exist and are a part of particular loot tables.

Will the dev's consider reviving Sartok by removing release to altar on PvP death and also removing the riftway system?           

No plans of removing those features at this time.


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