Gift Packs Offered for Vanguard's 3rd Anniversary

Lead Designer Salim "Silius" Grant may have announced last month that the Vanguard team was shelving some planned features due to limited resources, but that's not stopping them from acknowledging the game's third anniversary this month. In honor of the occasion, the Vanguard Anniversary Gift Pack is now available to pick up from the Historian of Telon in New Targonor, Ahgram, or Tawar Galan.

The gift pack contains numerous items and a scroll that grants the anniversary title of "Luminary." You can read the full contents of the pack after the jump.

You'll be able to enjoy the following once you pick up your Gift Package:

  • Anniversary Adventurer's Brew - (Adventuring expendable that boosts stats temporarily)
  • Anniversary Crafter's Tonic - (Crafting expendable that boosts stats temporarily)
  • Haversack of Telon's History - (Adventuring bag with multi-sphere stats)
  • Anniversary Diplomat's Cardpack – (Additional diplomacy cards, plus one special anniversary card “Celebration”)
  • Veteran's Expertise – (Experience boosting expendable)
  • Green Sparkler – (Visual effect item)
  • Orange Sparkler - (Visual effect item)
  • Red Sparkler - (Visual effect item)
  • Anniversary Title - (Scroll grants title “Luminary”)


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