Ellan Rhineford arrives in Land of Chaos Online

He looks like a redheaded, less emo version of Atin, with a splash of giant shoulder epaulets.

Has it been two weeks already? The second champion to come out for Land of Chaos Online is here, and his name is Ellan Rhineford. According to LOCO lore, Ellan has lost his family, his domain and his league of fearsome warriors, so he has decided to take out his emotional frustrations on the helpless players of LOCO. Not much in known about Ellan's abilities, but it does seem like he'll be using a spear and he will be capable of dealing some decent damage as a well-rounded character. According to his statistics chart, Ellan doesn't really specialize in one specific category, but he does boast some decent stats in CON, STR, HP and WIS, so expect him to play a solid front-line role.

Ellan Rhineford will be making his way into the LOCO AP Shop today. For more information on the game, check out our recent look at Land of Chaos Online!


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