CCP Outlines Fans' Wishes for World of Darkness

While all of these goals may not appear in the game, it's a good look at the direction CCP may take with the MMO.

It's safe to say that the unveiling of the World of Darkness MMO at The Grand Masquerade convention last week caused a wave of excitement among the ZAM staff. We're anxiously awaiting every bit of information that CCP reveals, which may take some time since the earliest launch window is in 2012.

However, Ardwulf's Lair has come through with some more interesting discussion points surrounding the vampire-based game. The blog links to a post written by CCP Designer Justin Achilli, who attended a panel at The Grand Masquerade where fans got the chance to tell the company what they want to see in the game. Achilli wrote all their wishes down and shared them in his post.

This list is full of interesting topics, ranging from permadeath to social powers. It's an interesting read, but keep in mind that these are things players want to see and not necessarily what CCP will add to the game. However, Achilli does say that "the goals of the players represented here are very much in accordance with the things we've been designing and iterating."

So what do you want to see in the World of Darkness MMO?


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