Richardsson Discusses EVE, DUST, World of Darkness

CCP Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson talks about the company's games and philosophy with GameBreaker TV's Gary Gannon and ZAM's Mike B. aka Fony at GDC Online.

EVE Online. DUST 514. World of Darkness. CCP is developing all of these games, and GameBreaker TV's Gary Gannon got the chance to discuss them all with Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson at GDC Online. ZAM's own Mike B. aka Fony also asked a few questions, and the duo ended up getting some interesting answers regarding CCP's impressive lineup.

EVE Online

As far as EVE Online is concerned, Richardsson focused his discussion on the new character creator that is currently available for testing on the Singularity server. He said that more customization options will be added to the character creator and recommended that players check out the videos of the creator that are currently on YouTube to see it in action.

Richardsson confirmed that the technology used in the new character creator will be used in DUST 514 and World of Darkness, so it should give players an idea of what the graphics will look like in both games.

Keep reading after the jump for Richardsson's comments on DUST 514 and World of Darkness. You can also watch the entire interview below.

DUST 514

DUST 514 was announced back in August 2009, but CCP is still tight-lipped about this project. Richardsson reiterated that the link between EVE Online and DUST 514 will be the planets, and that the goal is to deliver the EVE experience on different platforms, such as consoles. Here's what he had to say about the direction of the game:

"We're still looking at an FPS which has an RTS element to it and a very dynamic battlefield. There's a lot of replayability. And of course the link between DUST and EVE basically means that every battle actually matters."

World of Darkness

The World of Darkness MMO was finally unveiled at The Grand Masquerade convention a couple weeks ago, but Richardsson couldn't give many more details besides the fact that "vampires have fangs." However, he did give some interesting insight into CCP's philosphy behind making games, which is sure to be utilized in World of Darkness:

"We are a sandbox-oriented company. We like to create tools for players and for the players to actually become a meaningful part of the world for the other players. They're not in the way; they're contributing to the universe. We believe in this social element of the game as well. It's a massively multiplayer game, not a massively single-player game. ... That's the single world kind of philosophy that we have. I'd say that our fundamental philosophy is marrying together the theme park elements and the sandbox elements. ... And then we're taking the third one, the social one, and you can almost imagine those three spheres merging over each other and there's some kind of sexy intersections there that make the magic happen."

Richardsson also confirmed that the World of Darkness MMO is the entire reason CCP and White Wolf merged in 2006, so it's safe to say the team cares about the game. For more details, check out the entire interview below.



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