ZAM Talks with Outspark About Seven Dragons

Seven Dragons is Outspark's first browser-based MMO. We sat down with members of the team to discuss this free-to-play RTS/RPG hybrid.

ZAM: Speaking of empires, many MMO players look forward to the end-game. Will it take some time for players to build up their empires?

Gibert: The empire is more about taking over the land, so each city takes a certain amount of time to build up. Once you reach a certain population level with your main city, you can start expanding your empire. The cool thing about it is there's this really live social aspect to it. You can find one of your enemies and plant a city right next to them and try to build it up quickly enough before they attack it and conquer it and take it over. There's a lot of playing around with this concept. You're in the land of Gallia and you're conquering a region, and the more cities you have the more you're going to take over and form alliances.

ZAM: Can you tell me a little more about the alliance features?

Gibert: One of the cool aspects of the alliance feature is you can form alliances and have other players jump into your alliance, but there's also the notion of inter-alliance relationships as well. For example, you could form an alliance of 50-100 players, but then have a brother or sister alliance where those alliances don't attack each other. There are actual features that set apart these alliances as being united, so there are different alliance features like that. In the future we're going to be rolling out more inter-alliance features as well.

ZAM: Outspark has a large catalog of games. How do you feel Seven Dragons fits into the mix?

Philip Yun: This is our first web MMO game. All of our other games are downloadable free-to-play games. We're going to increase the number of games in our portfolio that are in this web MMO genre. We've been in the market for four years and we've been developing a very strong platform. Our platform is ready to expand to incorporate different genres of games, such as web MMOs.

Gibert: Seven Dragons is a portable game, so you can play it on your iPad or any PC. It's supported by all the major browsers. We do think that feature is definitely a draw.

Darryl "Togikagi" Gangloff, Editor-in-Chief

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