Undead Labs Unveils Zombie Outbreak Map

A couple weeks ago, Undead Labs asked its fans to add their location to an "Outbreak Map" in an attempt to prove that many of us would be holed up in small towns if a zombie invasion ever occurred. The map has been posted, and it looks like like their prediction holds some weight.

So why go through all the trouble of creating this map? To show that the setting of Class3, their upcoming zombie survival game that will pave the way for an MMO, should be a small town. In fact, the game's setting is based on Benton City, Washington, a town with a population of only 2,624 in 2000.

"That shit could happen here." That's the point of this map, and the point of Undead Labs' games. My small town is up on that map. Add your location and help the team plan for the apocalypse!


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