APB: Reloaded Blog Focuses on Version 1.5.2

Following three weeks of silence, GamersFirst CTO and COO Bjorn "TechMech" Book-Larsson has written a new APB: Reloaded dev blog entry that focuses on version 1.5.2. Here's what you can expect to see in the upcoming patch:

"1.5.2 introduces many new items outlined in the roadmap, most importantly district recommendation and skill-rating based matchmaking and it ALSO introduces a lot of items we had not yet talked about; meta-grouping for better PuG-ing, action grouping relaxation (fancy way of saying you will be able to shoot right as you stop sprinting instead of being blocked from shooting), 70+ different mission fixes, new clothing, new items and a boat-load of various bug fixes and improvements based on much of the forum and tester feedback we have had. So there is much more to talk about once that version is ready to go live."

GamersFirst has selected about 500 volunteers to join the Test Monkey Crew, although the company isn't sure if the Public Test World will launch before or after version 1.5.2. Book-Larsson ends the blog by covering the known issues of latency spikes and 32-bit optimization, as well as mentioning that GamersFirst is looking for a C++ coder to join the development team in Edinburgh, UK.


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