Paragon Market Details Released

City of Heroes will be adopting a free-to-play hybrid model with the upcoming launch of the Freedom update, which means the superhero MMO needs a store where you can purchase in-game items and services. That store is called the Paragon Market, and the details were unveiled today on the official City of Heroes site.

The Paragon Market will use a new currency called Paragon Points. The anticipated exchange rate will set 400 Paragon Points at $5, but that's subject to change before City of Heroes Freedom launches. VIP players will receive 400 Paragon Points per month as part of their subscription.

The sample prices that were released range from $0.25 for a Wizard Beard to $20 for five character slots. Again, these prices could change. You can view all of the sample prices after the jump.

New in-game items and account services are coming in the Paragon Market, including dual and team inspirations, two more enhancement trays, five more costume slots and 12 more character slots. For more details, check out the Paragon Market overview.


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