Sylvari Week: Video Covers Race's Background

Two members of the ArenaNet team explain how they designed Guild Wars 2's plant race.

It's day three of Guild Wars 2's Sylvari Week and ArenaNet has posted an interesting video that looks at the background of the plant race. Continuity and Lore Designer Ree Soesbee and Character Artist Kristen Perry explain how the sylvari grew from the initial designs into the race they are today. Soesbee even explains what sets the sylvari apart in the fantasy genre:

"There are a lot of poeple out there who say that they've seen everything fantasy games have to offer. But the sylvari are entirely unique. They are new to our world, they are new to every world. There's never been a creature like this in the fantasy genre. People try to match it and say, "is it an elf?" "Is it a dryad?" It's a sylvari. That's what it is. Trust me, you have not seen every story that a fantasy world can tell. Sylvari are new."

Watch the video below to learn all about the sylvari and see some in-game footage.


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