City of Heroes Freedom is Live

City of Heroes Freedom is now live, which officially makes the 7-year-old superhero MMO free-to-play for everyone! All Free players can now reach level 50 at no cost (with some restrictions) and choose to purchase additional items and content from the Paragon Market. You can also become a Premium player by returning to the game or purchasing Paragon Points to get some additional perks. Of course, you can always choose to subscribe to the game to become a VIP player and gain access to everything the MMO has to offer.

The launch of Freedom also brings with it the release of Issue 21: Convergence. This update features a new zone, an Underground Incarnate Trial for up to 28 players, new power sets and costumes, the debut of monthly Signature Story Arcs, new rewards, and a new starting experience.

If you're a new player who's been meaning to check out City of Heroes or a former player who would like to return, now's the perfect time to log into the game. Watch the launch trailer below to see what's in store for you in City of Heroes Freedom.


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