The Borg invade Defera on STO's Tribble Server

Not content with all the new changes coming to Star Trek Online's Tribble Server, The Borg have taken their destiny into their own hands by invading the planet Defera. Home to countless Deferi (can I call them Deferans?), both Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force have scrambled to send officers to save this halpless planet. Currently, four areas have been revealed of the Borg-Defera invasion, including the City, the Power Plant, the Temple, and the Borg Probe, which sits broodingly above the entire invasion zone. Players who want to defend the planet will need to be at the level of Rear Admiral / Brigadier General, however, Cryptic says that all players who have not yet reached this rank will be boosted to an appropriate level.

Finally, if saving innocent civilians isn't your thing, Cryptic is also giving out some phat loot for anyone who participates in repelling the invasions, so players can get some nice items even if their heart's not in on it.


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