Webzen's "Skip the Low, Jump to High" Promotion

Free high-level characters and items to players who create a character in MU, ARCHLORD, and Soul of the Ultimate Nation!

Ever want to play an MMORPG, but you don't feel like trudging through those early bits time and time again? I think I just get annoyed with the whole "limited skills and resources" feeling you get in the early stages of any MMORPG, as if they need to teach you the basics every time.


Looks like the good folks at Webzen also feel the same way, as they've announced that from February 15th, 2012, to March 14th, 2012, free high-level characters and items will be given away to players who create a character in MU Online, Archlord, and Soul of the Ultimate Nation. MU Online players will get free level 220 characters along with +9 reinforced weapons and armor, Archlord players will get a free level 60 character decked out with weapons and armor, while Soul of the Ultimate Nation players will get level 90 characters with gear and "level-up boxes" that hold a variety of items. Webzen will also be hosting in-game events and promotions, including daily attendance events and double experience boosts.


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