City of Heroes Issue 22: Death Incarnate

NCsoft and Paragon Studios have announced the launch of CoH's Issue 22 Update: Death Incarnate.

City of Heroes Issue 22: Death Incarnate is making its way to servers today, and with it comes the troubling times to follow the death of the Statesman. Death Incarnate begins with the search for the next hero of Paragon City, alongside a pile of new additions, including:

  • Dark Astoria Incarnate Zone: A co-op style incarnate zone where players will "traverse the dark, twisted, undead nightmare that has become Dark Astoria."
  • Darkness Power Set: A brand new power set for Controllers and Dominators, giving them command over shadows and spectral minions.
  • Dilemma Diabolique Incarnate Trial: Heroes and Villains alike will fight against the evil sorceress Diabolique as she tries to usurp power from the banished god Mot.
  • ... and More Content For All Levels: This includes a new PvE Trial Drowning in Blood, new mission arcs in Steel Canyon and Cap au Diable, and a new Adamastor Zone Event in Talos Island and Sharkhead Isle.
Check out the trailer below!


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