SOE Welcome Reception: New Games and Features!

New partnerships, new games, and a tradeable currency!

While PlanetSide 2 stole the second half of the Welcome Reception keynote last night, the first half was dedicated to new games, new features, and new partnerships. We'll hit up the EverQuest titles and DCUO in another article: here's everything else!

John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) released details about several new games and partnerships last night.

The Krono: SEO is unveiled a new currency item called the Krono. This item can be purchased for real-life money and traded in SOE games to other players. The Krono can be traded for 30 days of play time. It will first be released for EverQuest II on October 29th, but it will eventually make its way to other SOE titles as well. It will be up to the players to decide how much this item is worth!

Wikia: Announcing a new partnership with Wikia, Smedley announced that the EverQuest Wikia page is now the official wiki for the game.

Wizardry Online: Smedley announced the Beta for this new MMO will begin on October 29th. The game will require a massive amount of skills; primarily because of the Perma-death mechanic to it (when a player dies, they stay dead).

Runewaker Partnership: SOE has teamed up with Runewaker, creator of the popular Runes of Magicseries of games. Their first project will be coming out next year and is named "Dragon's Prophet."

Dragon's Prophet: Smedley invited John Tang, CEO of Runewaker and lead programmer of Dragon's Prophet, to the stage to explain a few of its features. The list below shows all the talking points: over 300 unique dragons that come in 8 different types. One of the big draws to the game is the housing system, which will allow guilds to create their own bases and castles in the game world itself and not be hidden away in an instanced format. The game hopes to be a sandbox-style world that allows players to all be damage dealers unbound by their traditional class roles.


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