WildStar Screenshot O' The Week

The Exiles keep watch over the Focus of Air in Galeras.

Earlier this week, Team WildStar gave fans the heads-up that they were working to improve the flow of web content updates as they continue down the winding road to release.

One of those improvements was the promise of a brand-new screenshot released every Friday on Facebook (provoking somewhat of a nervous twitch in CRB Scooter, I would wager.) Well, they've made good on that promise, providing fans a rather forboding shot from Galeras.




In the caption, it mentions the Exiles keeping watch over something called the Focus of Air, which is an ancient Eldan structure in Gale Canyon. What mysteries does it hold? Well, we don't know yet -- but if the Exiles are keeping watch over it, you can be it's something cool!

Head on over to the WildStar Facebook page and like 'em to make sure you get these great shots delivered right to your timeline every Friday!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard 


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