Wednesday, October the 31st, 2012

New Items: Item-wear Reduction Tome (60 min)Bit of Pure Riddermark OreLow-quality Riddermark Ingot Lump of Eastemnet CoalPiece of Oak BarkThin Oak BoardSolid Oak BoardReinforced Oak BoardHeavy Quilted Robe Recipe

New Recipes: Bit of Pure Riddermark OreLow-quality Riddermark Ingot Medium-quality Riddermark IngotHigh-quality Riddermark IngotPiece of Oak BarkThin Oak BoardSolid Oak BoardReinforced Oak Board

Updated Quests: Warband: BughrakhDeath From Above

Updated Items: Heavy Quilted LeggingsHeavy Quilted ArmourStout Quilted LeggingsHeavy Quilted HoodBolt of Linen ClothHeavy Cloth Hat RecipeHeavy Padded Boots RecipeHeavy Padded Leggings RecipeHeavy Leather Boots RecipeHeavy Quilted Armour RecipeHeavy Leather Gloves RecipeHeavy Quilted Hood RecipeLog of Ash WoodHeavy Quilted Leggings RecipeLeather BraceLeather GuardPlank of Treated RowanHeavy Quilted Shoes RecipeHeavy Quilted Shoulder Guards RecipeHeavy Quilted Gloves RecipeHeavy Padded Helm RecipeHeavy Padded Gloves RecipeHeavy Padded Shoulder Guards RecipeHeavy Padded Armour RecipeStout Quilted ArmourHeavy Quilted GlovesStout Quilted GlovesStout Quilted HoodHeavy Quilted ShoesStout Quilted ShoesHeavy Quilted Shoulder GuardsStout Quilted Shoulder GuardsHeavy Cloth Armour RecipeHeavy Quilted CloakHeavy Quilted Cloak RecipeArnorian Armour FragmentsHeavy Cloth Gloves RecipeHeavy Leather Helm RecipeHeavy Quilted RobeLog-holderLog-holder Decoration RecipeStout Quilted CloakStout Quilted RobeHeavy Leather Armour RecipeHeavy Leather Leggings RecipeHeavy Leather Shoulder Guards RecipeHeavy Padded Shoes RecipeHeavy Cloth Shoulder Guards RecipeHeavy Cloth Cloak RecipeHeavy Cloth Leggings RecipeHeavy Cloth Robe RecipeHeavy Cloth Shoes RecipeBree Flax FibreMarkHelegrod MarkEregion MarkAnnuminas MarkScroll of Lesser Craft AccelerationSuperior Fourth MarkRohirric Athelas EssenceRohirric Celebrant SalveSealMedallionItem-wear Reduction Tome (30 min)Khazad-bound LootboxSturdy Steel KeyElf-steelbound LootboxBronze-bound LootboxDwarf-steelbound LootboxBarrow-ironbound LootboxGold-bound LootboxCalenard-bound Lootbox+10% Run Speed Boost (60 min)Exquisite Necklace of the RabbitSilver Token of the Anduin Polished Necklace of the BearPolished Ring of the BearExquisite Earring of the BearExquisite Earring of the HartExquisite Ring of the AurochsSilver Token of the RiddermarkUniversal Healing PotionLog of Oak WoodChunk of Low-grade Riddermark OreChunk of High-grade Riddermark OreScrap of Rohirric TextRiddermark HideEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CasePile of Riddermark SoilRiddermark-bound LootboxOak Sapwood BranchBrushed Riddermark LeatherLump of Eastemnet WaxGlazed Riddermark LeatherBlue Box of Wold Spoils Floodwend BannerRed Box of Wold Spoils Exquisite Earring of the AurochsExquisite Earring of the FoxExquisite Necklace of the AurochsExquisite Necklace of the RabbitHigh-quality Riddermark IngotMedium-quality Riddermark Ingot

Updated Mobs: Supplier (Haldirith)Supplier (Woodmen)Supplier (Idmar's Camp)Supplier (Stangard) Supplier (Cuthstan)Supplier (General Store)Supplier (Mansig's)Brigand Treasure-hunterBrigand Treasure-hunterBughrakhWyrm-fatherWold Easterling Warrior

Updated Recipes: Heavy Quilted ArmourHeavy Quilted HoodHeavy Quilted LeggingsHeavy Quilted CloakHeavy Quilted GlovesHeavy Quilted RobeHeavy Quilted Shoulder GuardsHeavy Quilted ShoesLog-holder DecorationBrushed Riddermark LeatherGlazed Riddermark LeatherFinished Riddermark Leather


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# Jan 03 2013 at 3:23 PM Rating: Good
279 posts
I was wondering the same thing too. I sent an email but have yet to get a reply. I much prefer ZAM over LOTRO Wiki. Hope they continue supporting this game.
this seems to be the last update
# Dec 04 2012 at 9:53 AM Rating: Decent
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there have been no updates since this. it is now December. wonder if they simply forgot about lotro with all the other games they update or is it that lotro has nothing to update??
Success comes when preparation meets opportunity -- and EQ is no exception.
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